About Job


An educational consultant is an independent consultant who helps parents/students and organizations with educational planning. They are classed as "educational, vocational, and school counselors." Educational Consultants, however, are normally self-employed (or are part of consulting firms), while school counselors are employed by a school.


Salary Details

Early Salary 3-4L
Mid Level Salary 7-8L
Senior Salary 10-12L


Course Needed :
  •  Master of Education


  • career pros icon  Average job growth (13%) for consultants who work in school systems
  • career pros icon  Instructional coordinators in a school system enjoy a mean annual wage
  • career pros icon  Benefits may include a pension, paid time-off and health insurance
  • career pros icon  Wide variety in daily routine.


  • career cons icon  Long work hours and occasional weekends
  • career cons icon   Independent consultants often work with families in crisis situations
  • career cons icon   Extensive travel
  • career cons icon   Extensive schooling and experience required.