About Job


Math teachers work in classrooms in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. They impart required mathematics curricula to their students, which might include helping them prepare for standardized tests and college entrance exams. Math teachers can train in several ways. Some have bachelor's degrees in education and specialize in mathematics. Others hold bachelor's degrees in mathematics and complete an education program as well. All math teachers in public schools must meet their state's certification or licensing requirements, which usually calls for competency examinations.


Salary Details

Early Salary 2-3L
Mid Level Salary 3-4L
Senior Salary 5-6L


Course Needed :
  •  Bachelor of Education
  •  Mathematics


  • career pros icon  Teachers can earn a comfortable living
  • career pros icon  Ability to inspire learning in others
  • career pros icon  Math teachers are needed at all grade levels
  • career pros icon 


  • career cons icon  Need for a lot of schooling
  • career cons icon   Pressure to make sure students are achieving and learning
  • career cons icon   Long hours grading homework and examinations
  • career cons icon   Need to meet with students, administrators and parents frequently.