About Job


A sociologist studies humanity on various levels, putting a strong emphasis on political systems and how human beings respond to change. He or she also explores race, ethnicity and sex and what role these play in political systems. Through quantitative, qualitative and comparative research, sociologists gather data. The minimum education requirement is a bachelor's degree in sociology, although prospective employers may prefer candidates to have a master's degree.


Salary Details

Early Salary 4-5L
Mid Level Salary 7-8L
Senior Salary 10-12L


Course Needed :
  •  Sociology


  • career pros icon  Good pay
  • career pros icon  Job benefits such as paid vacation, pension, tuition assistance
  • career pros icon  Can work in a variety of fields
  • career pros icon  Helps clients by mediating conflict and advocating for social reform.


  • career cons icon  Advanced degree is usually required for employment
  • career cons icon   Jobs in research are highly competitive
  • career cons icon   It can be difficult for a sociology major to obtain a job without prior experience
  • career cons icon   Compiling data can be tedious and time consuming.