To meet the tuition and other fees, cost of Books, Computers, refundable deposits supported by Bills/Receipts, travel expenses for studies abroad etc.

Rate of Interest

  • 1.Rate of interest - Upto Rs.4.00 lakhs - 12.50% p.a
  • 2. Above Rs.4.00 lakhs-13.00% p.a

Eligibility for Educational Loan


No eligibility details found.


About the Bank


The Catholic Syrian Bank Limited is a private sector bank with headquarters in the Thrissur district of Kerala, India. It is one of the oldest banks in India: it was founded on 26 November 1920, well before Indian independence, and opened for business on the following New Year's Day. The bank has 431 branches and newly appointed Md & Ceo is Anand Krishnamurty


FAQ Loan


1.Whether vocational / skill development study courses, off-campus courses and on-site/partnership programmes are eligible for education loan under the IBA Model Educational Loan Scheme?

Vocational / skill development study courses, off-campus courses and onsite/partnership programmes are not eligible for loan under the IBA scheme.

2. What are the eligibility requirements in respect of Diploma / PG Diploma course for financing under studies abroad ?

Only degree / post graduation diploma courses pursued abroad are eligible for sanction of loan under the IBA scheme.

3.How to deal with cases where the joint borrower becomes defaulter after sanction of education loan?

The student loan will not be affected by any change in asset classification of any separate bank borrowing of the joint borrower.