1) For payment of College / School/ Hostel Fees.| 2) For payment of Examination / Library / Laboratory Fees.| 3) For purchase of books/equipments/instruments.| 4) For payment of Caution Deposits (caution deposit not to exceed 10% of total tuition fees for the entire course)| 5) For making Travel Expenses / Passage Money for studies abroad.| 6) For purchasing inputs essential for completion of the course.| 7) Any other expenses required to complete the course like study tours, project work, thesis, etc.| 8) for purchase of computer / laptop of uniforms 10) Insurance premium for student borrower

Rate of Interest

  • 1.Upto Rs. 4 lakh:Male student-13.75%, Female student-13.25%
  • 2. Above Rs. 4 lakh:Male student-14.50%,female student-14.00%

Eligibility for Educational Loan


1) Should be an Indian Resident.

2) Seured admission to Professional/Technical courses through Entrance Test/Selection Process and should produce proof.

3) Secured admission to Foreign University / Institutions and should produce proof.

4) No specific age restriction with regard to age of the student to be eligible for educational loan


About the Bank


City Union Bank is an Indian bank. The Kumbakonam Bank Limited, as it was at first called, was incorporated as a limited company on 31 October 1904. The bank initially preferred the role of a regional bank in the Thanjavur District Tamil Nadu. City Union Bank has 426 computerized branches in India.


FAQ Loan


1.How is the EMI calculated?

The Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) depends on the tenor that the student opts for. The longer the loan term, smaller are the monthly instalments. If the student chooses to repay the loan in a smaller tenure, he would have to pay higher monthly instalments.

2.Is there any age limit to avail CIty Union Bank education loan?

No, the educational loan offered by City Union Bank does not depend of the age of the student or the applicant.

3.What is the maximum amount of loan that I can avail?

City Union Bank Educational loan scheme provides with Rs.10 lakh for courses in India and Rs. 20 lakh for courses in foreign countries.