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Rate of Interest

  • 1.In India
  • 2. Upto Rs.200000 : 13.5%
  • 3. Above Rs.200000 : 15.5%
  • 4. For Overseas
  • 5. Upto Rs.200000 : 13.5%
  • 6. Above Rs.200000: 15.5 %

Eligibility for Educational Loan


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About the Bank


DCB Bank Ltd. (Formerly Development Credit Bank Ltd.) is a private sector scheduled commercial bank in India. It has a network of 160 branches and 370 ATMs in the country.It offers products to individuals, small and medium businesses, rural banking and mid corporates across its branch network.


FAQ Loan


1.How long will it take for the bank to process my application?

After all necessary documents are submitted, the bank will convey its decision within 15 working days from the date of receipt.

2.What is the role of the parents when applying for an education loan?

The parents or guardian of the student applicant will be treated as a co-applicant and a primary debtor.

3.How will the education loan be disbursed?

The student loan will be disbursed in full or suitable instalments depending on the requirement of funds or fees. It will be directly disbursed to the educational institution or the vendor."